How much money do you think you spend each week on eating out? If you are like me it is a ton! If not then congrats on a job well done! (Give yourself a nice pat on the back eh?!)

I used to spend way too much money on restaurants, and with the recent economy my whole family was really beginning to feel it. The thing is it is not like I did not enjoy cooking, in fact I love cooking!

I just am not that great of a chef.

So I began to look around and try to save money on restaurants, what I really needed though was some quick and easy food recipes to get me going.

I cut out a few from different magazines but it seemed to be really hit and miss Gewürze, and honestly a bit more of the miss according to my family. I kept looking on wishing that I had got that cooking Gene that seemed to be in my family.

While talking to friends however I found that I am not the only one who has this problem. I learned a few good tips and here is my favorite.

Make sure to plan ahead. Every week make a meal plan, do this at the beginning of the week at the same time. This way you can get all of your shopping done and have everything outlined in nice and easy ways. This way also when you have those quick and easy food recipes they won’t go to waste when you are looking for the eggs you forgot to buy.

In conclusion I believe the best place to get easy food recipes is not in magazines but in cook books or from parents. Magazines generally just use cheap recipes that take a lot of work and are not all that useful.

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